At the beginning of this year I was told that I needed to work on my interpersonal skills. The definition of interpersonal means “of or relating to relationships or communication between people” and well people is what I do! People was what I was GOOD at! Unlike many, I loved interacting and getting to know PEOPLE! I knew through my little slice of passion, Feirce Funk Fitness, that I was making strides to better people’s lives. My class was filling up every week and in my gut I was pretty sure that the energy and passion I brought to class every week had a little something to do with it. Needless to say, while I refuted the claim vehemently, it affected me in the worse way (I probably think about the statement once a week) ….but it also fueled me.

For the past two years several of my #F3faithfuls have been bugging me to do a weight loss challenge. Something to get them started, a kick off to their healthy lifestyle journey. When I moved the location of my class out on my own I finally had the freedom to do it. So April 4th, about 40 of them signed on to stay committed to staying active and eating healthier.

I formed a Private FB Group as a way of keeping check of everyone and dispersing advice and information to the masses. Little did I know that this would literally become the KEY to all of our success! Day in and day out WE would cheer each other on. On many occasions SO many of them wanted to give up. But they would reach out to the group and as a result receive TONS of support. Can you imagine how successful we would all be if every time we wanted to call it quits in life with ANYTHING we could send up an S.O.S signal and literally be cheered off of the cliff of by a crew of love???? Unstoppable is what we’d be! Without realizing it, I had created a family of fitness-minded people that were focused on the positive and determined to help one another reach their goals.

May 20th the challenge came to an end. As I took people’s measurements and weights, I cried and they laughed at me. I had watched these women change over a few short weeks and while physically the manifestation was REAL, the real transformation was mental and emotional. I would see them walking in the City of Hamilton with a new pep in their step. Their confidence levels were on 1000 and I couldn’t have been happier. I would smile to myself, I know that feeling well. That is exactly what fitness has done for me!

Most of them have emailed me or sent me messages about how grateful and thankful they are for my time and efforts. But they don’t know how grateful and thankful I am for them! At a time when I needed it most, they restored my confidence in my passion. It’s not just fitness…I’m ultimately passionate about people. People are what I do, people are what I know, I LOVE people and could and will spend my life forever serving and helping others. Literally, you can’t put a payment on that joy.

So here’s to Round 2!

Love my #F3faithfuls

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