I don’t have much experience with haters. I hear a lot of women talking about their “haters”. I’ve read the quotes that state that “If you don’t have haters then you’re not doing something right” and all I can think to myself is “I think I’m doing something right, but I don’t know of anyone hating on me.” See, I love women, girls, ladies! I’m a huge proponent of Girl Power! Boys still have cooties

It’s 5am and Jasmine DeSilva is breaking a sweat. The working mother has learnt to use the early hours when her husband and daughter are still asleep — it’s her only opportunity to work out. Staying fit has become a way of life for the 31-year-old. It all started with a huge weight gain while she was a teenager at boarding school. “I gained 15 to 20 pounds. I was

At the beginning of this year I was told that I needed to work on my interpersonal skills. The definition of interpersonal means “of or relating to relationships or communication between people” and well people is what I do! People was what I was GOOD at! Unlike many, I loved interacting and getting to know PEOPLE! I knew through my little slice of passion, Feirce Funk Fitness, that I was

For most of us, exercise can be a huge challenge; for others, it can be very addictive. I enjoy feeling the surge of endorphins during a good hard workout. Sometimes I can go a bit overboard. Last week I went on a 25-mile bike ride and a run the next morning on five hours of sleep. I also had a gym workout planned and a Zumba class. My body had

One of my awesome FB readers wanted to me to do a post on muscle soreness and workout recovery, he indicates that he is training 5 days a week and is constantly sore. I must mention that I don’t know his training schedule so am unsure of how he is spacing workouts and muscle groups worked so I’m giving a general response here. Let’s start by discussing where muscle soreness come from.  Simply,

With the current trends that exist today, within the fitness industry, there exists an overwhelming amount of information regarding the best diet for fitness and weight loss. Most of us think we are well informed about nutrition and we are quick to follow one faddish diet after the other, thinking it will reveal some secret about weight loss. It is important that one first distinguish their goals specifically, rank them